How-to Instructions

Liberty Bricks are wood and may be used like firewood.  They start easily if stacked with airspace between the bricks or in a “teepee” around a few wads of newspaper. The heat from the newspaper gets trapped in the top of the “teepee” to ignite the wood; within a few minutes all the bricks are started from the inside. Add more Liberty Bricks as with firewood.  It will be very difficult to light only one brick in your fireplace or stove without any additional wood or paper. DO NOT OVERFILL THE STOVE WITH LIBERTY BRICKS AS TOO MUCH HEAT MAY BE CREATED.


Starter Wafer Method

firestarter1Step 1

Place two bricks side by side with a 1″-2″ gap and prop the starter wafer in the gap as shown. Light an edge of the starter wafer.

firestarter2Step 2

Immediately place another brick over the gap to trap the flame. Do not disturb bricks until firestarter is completely burned. After about 10 minutes, the bricks should be burning vigorously enough to add more bricks if a bigger fire is desired.


Newspaper Method

newspaper1Step 1

Arrange three bricks in a triangular pattern with gaps to allow air to fill in. Fill the open space with tightly wadded newspaper as shown. Light wadded newspaper at all three gaps.

newspaper2Step 2

Immediately place another brick on top to create a chamber. After about 10 minutes, bricks should be burning vigorously enough to add more bricks if a bigger fire is desired.


Caution: If using a woodstove, add bricks one at a time until desired heat is reached. Too many bricks loosely packed can make stove too hot and cause damage. Liberty Bricks expand slightly when burned. Use only in a well-maintained woodstove, boiler, furnace, or fireplace with proper ventilation. Control air flow–an overloaded stove with leaky seals can lead to dangerous overheating. Never leave a fire unattended.