Why Liberty Bricks

Greener in more ways than one!

We believe we have the most cost-effective solution for businesses wishing to recycle their wood waste, and certainly a much greener alternative. Most of our fiber comes from a local millworking plantthis means no palletswe only use clean-burning natural wood.

The rest of our fiber comes from wood working facilities that make cabinets, doors, windows, and other wood products. Our wood supply is a premium blend of hardwood and softwood. We screen all our suppliers to ensure that nothing but clean wood gets made into Liberty Bricks.

More efficient than pellets

Liberty Bricks have an advantage over pellets because they don’t require electricity to burn and distribute the heat that they produce.

  • Pellet stoves require electricity for a fan and an auger to feed the fire. What if the power goes out? You couldn’t run your pellet stove unless you had a generator.
  • Liberty Bricks can also go right in your current wood stove, wood boiler, fireplace insert, or open fireplace. To burn pellets you need a special pellet stove. While there are baskets available to burn pellets in a wood stove, this doesn’t produce the heat needed to warm your house.

Liberty Bricks conserve resources

Liberty Bricks are made from recycled waste wood that might otherwise have gone to a landfill. Burning Liberty Bricks conserves valuable coal, oil, gas, and electricity. The use of Liberty Bricks helps to reduce the environmental damage resulting from the production and burning of these fossil fuels.

Zero net carbon emissions and clean burning

Liberty Bricks, like all wood fuel, is considered carbon neutral because the carbon released during combustion is the same carbon absorbed by the tree over its life, and the carbon dioxide released during combustion is about the same as that released during natural decay. If the waste wood that Liberty Bricks are made from had gone to a landfill, the decay would produce methane, a far more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. But perhaps the greatest environmental benefit to Liberty Bricks is the displacement of fossil fuels, which, when burned, release carbon into the atmosphere that had been sequestered millions of years ago. Liberty Bricks are made from nothing but dry, seasoned wood and burn almost completely, the key to a clean fire. Most split wood, unless aged for a very long time, has higher moisture and resin content than Liberty Bricks. Split wood leaves more ash in your fireplace because bark produces more ash than the wood and our product does not contain bark. Liberty Bricks are also easier to light than firewood!